Calling Volunteers

Do you remember “St. Helens Haunted Tours”?  We are bringing it back with a twist and so much more.  ShoeString Community Players is planning an exciting October 2016 and you can help make it happen by being a part of the production crew or cast.  This week we are getting the production staff together and asking people that are interested in volunteering to help.  Do you have previous theater experience?  This may be for you.  Do you need to get out of the house because everyone is driving you crazy?  This may be for you.  Do you just want to meet new crazy people?  This is for you.  Up to 6 different events (yes six different events or you can just help with one or a few) to help out with, and never a dull moment.  On the registration form please let us know what you would like to help with and choose from the available positions.

Want to find out more?  Everything from being a witch bicycling in the parade to behind the scenes from a radio show from the 1930’s, or a ghost from the 1800’s.  Do you like spooky, scary, hair standing up on the back of your neck stories?  Like to creep or scare people?  We have something for everyone.

Are you 16 years or older?  and younger then 125 years old?

Please sign up for more information and come to Bertucci’s Chocolates, 2017 Columbia Blvd., St. Helens on July 27th at 7pm. We will provide you with a sneak peak behind the curtain and get you involved.

Auditions will follow in two weeks and if you are interested in being a cast member please check the box.


clock towerZombie witch's on moon sml Court House Ghost Scarecrow2 Shadow cutout