• FRIDAY, JULY 21st, 2017 7PM
  • SATURDAY, JULY 22nd, 2017 7PM
  • SUNDAY, JULY 23rd, 2017 2PM
  • THURSDAY, JULY 27th, 2017 7PM
  • FRIDAY, JULY 28th, 2017 7PM
  • SATURDAY, JULY 29th, 2017 7PM


  • ADULT – – $12.00
  • STUDENT – – $10.00
  • SENIOR CITIZEN — $10.00
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2375 Gable Rd, St Helens, OR 97051



Shoestring Community Players presents the 2017 Cheri Adams Theater Arts Scholarship to three Columbia County High School Seniors

June 7, 2017 For Immediate Release–Columbia County, Oregon.   Shoestring Community Players, proudly serving Columbia County theater community since 1982 is honored to announce it was able to support three senior students to be awarded the scholarship this year.  The cream of the crop, these students intend to major or minor in the theater arts or related field at an accredited 2 or 4-year college, university, or conservatory of their choice.

It was a pleasure to get to know these fine thespians through their essays and reading about their commitment to the theater arts.  Special thanks to the teachers envisioning the talent within, and cultivated their minds.  Lastly we want to thatnk the ever encouraging parents that took them to auditions, play practices, and watched the performances.  Parents, it’s not over yet…  not by a long shot.

Shannon Vaerewyck and Merle Pence presented the Cheri Adams Theater Arts Scholarship at the recipient’s graduation awards ceremony: St. Helens High School –  Miss Mandy Mason, Scappoose High School – Miss Savanna Smiens, and Clatskanie High School – Miss Kerrisa Engen.

The scholarship is funded by a portion of the proceeds from the Shoestring Community Players performances, including the annual summer musical, seasonal productions, and by the generous donations from patrons of the arts for the specific purpose of the scholarship.  You may donate and learn more about Shoestring Community Players scholarships at

We would like to thank all the students that applied for the opportunity for this scholarship grant and SSCP wishes to encourage students to participate in their local theater program and community theater.  All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.  Bravo to the class of 2017, and well done.

The End?

SHHS Drama Presents Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

SHHS Drama is proud to present their spring production of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard opening May 4, 2017, in the Olmscheid Auditorium at St. Helens High School.

From publisher Samuel French Inc, “Acclaimed as a modern dramatic masterpiece, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead is the fabulously inventive tale of Hamlet as told from the worm’s-eye view of the bewildered Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, two minor characters in Shakespeare’s play.”

The cast of 16 actors features Ray McGuire as Rosencrantz, Matthew Jurkiewicz as Guildenstern, Thomas Barley as Hamlet, Prussia Johnson as Ophelia, Jeff Higgins as Claudius, Anastasia Weber as Gertrude, David Ryder as Polonius, Morgan Benedict as Horatio, McKenna French as The Player, and Arthur Jerome as Alfred. The Tragedians include Alycia Eidem, Jessica Matzke, Travis Matzke, Christopher Sychowski, Regan Tolman, Samuel Walker. Jenny Fournier is the stage manager and Ron Barnett directs.

The show runs May 4, 5, and 6 at 7 pm and May 6 at 2 pm at the Olmscheid Auditorium at St. Helens High School. Tickets are $7 general admission and are available at the ticket booth 30 minutes for each show.

Scappoose High School Theatre is presenting Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “THE SOUND OF MUSIC”

Mark Your Calendars!!!!  √ April 27-29

Scappoose High School Theatre is presenting Rodgers and Hammerstein’s THE SOUND OF MUSIC on April 27-29, 2017. This is Tom Weavers last show with the Scappoose High School prior to his retirement.  Tom has been a long standing member of ShoeString Community Players over the last 3 decades, not including his involvement with High School theater in St. Helens.

Lets make this the gala of the month!  Please send this out to all your friends, let’s pack the house for the kids and Tom this year.

SSCP Announces Auditions for Annual Summer Musical

ShoeString Community Players is celebrating 35 years with this hilarious musical. As stated on Sister Amnesia’s Country Western Nunsense Jamboree
is presented as a promotional tour for Sister Mary Amnesia’s newly released album, I Could’ve Gone to Nashville. After regaining her memory Sr. Amnesia realizes she is Sister Mary Paul, a former country singer. Reverend Mother, feeling that one should not waste God-given talent, gets Sister Mary Paul a recording contract and now she is on a national tour. Introducing two new characters, Sister Mary Wilhem (the convent nurse), and Father Virgil Manly Trott (Sister Leo?s real-life brother), this show is filled with hysterical one-liners and infectious comic tunes. Audiences participate in a rousing “Country Auction” and join with the cast as they sing We know that somewhere up in heaven you’re a saint, Patsy Cline! Will Sister Amnesia leave the convent for the Grand Ole Op’ry? You’ll have to wait till the finale, Do Unto Others to get the answer.

Show information:

Auditions are May 15, 17, 18 at St Helens Middle School Cafeteria, 6:00-8:00pm

​Audition dates are also for anyone interested in orchestration and production crew.

Performance dates: July 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29

Character Descriptions and requirements:

Must be able to sing very well and some dancing.

Sister Mary Paul [AKA Amnesia] – The daffy nun who was hit on the head with a crucifix and for a long time didn’t remember who she was. Still called Sister Amnesia, she turned out to be Sister Mary Paul, a Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes winner who had once been a country singer.

Sister Mary Wilhelm – Superintendent of Nursing for the Diocese of Newark. She appears rather severe but turns out to be lots of fun. As a teenager she appeared in a movie with Frankie Avalon.

Sister Robert Anne – The streetwise tough kid from the Canarsie section of Brooklyn. A constant source of aggravation for superiors, but loved by the kids she teaches. She is the voice of the puppet, Sister Mary Annette.

Sister Mary Leo – The young novice who hopes to dedicate her life to God as a ballerina, but who is constantly frustrated by Reverend Mother’s refusal to let her perform in a tutu. She is soon to take her vows and receive her black veil.

Father Virgil Manly Trott – A Franciscan priest who is Sister Mary Leo’s real-life brother. He is very handsome and well aware of it. He is an authentic country singer originally from Mississippi.

Sister Mary Regina – Mother Superior of the Little Sisters of Hoboken, We hear from her in this show via “voice-over” on the telephone.

Brother/Sister Stage Manager – Appears as him/herself, with messages for the others.

Orchestration requirements

• Orchestra Director

• Choral Director

• 1 piano

• 1 keyboard synthesizer

• 1 violin

• 1 bass (electric or acoustic)

• 1 percussion

Production crew

• Marketing

• Choreographer

• Stage Manager

• Assistant Stage Manager

• Props Manager

• Costume Manager

• Lighting/ Sound crew, Spotlights

• House Manager

• Set construction/ Painters

• Backstage crew

For more information send email to

A Haunted Tour Through Downtown St. Helens

“This is so cool! If I lived in this town, I would come down here and scare people all month long during this festival!”
– Pedestrian unknowingly walking by a performer, who is acting like a decorative scarecrow

“I do live here. We are doing exactly that! And we will keep having fun doing it as long as you folks keep on coming to enjoy our town!”
– Performer, quickly breaking scarecrow pose to share their joy with the startled pedestrian

Last October 2016, during the Spirit of Halloweentown celebration, some town residents found themselves living in a dream come true nearly every weekend. Putting on terrifying makeup, dressing in haunting costumes, and sneaking around downtown St. Helens in coordinated fright after fright. The targets of these haunts were groups of folks walking through our city’s streets and parks. No – this was not part of some rude, unsolicited pranks against innocent victims & unwary visitors to our beautiful home. Well perhaps there were a FEW innocent victims… and no matter how wary the visitors were, the highly coordinated spooks still inspired more fearful fun and screams than can be found during a typical weekend downtown.

Quiet main street in downtown St. Helens – deserted and lonely? Or waiting with hushed breath for the ghoulish hauntings to begin?






Volunteering for ShoeString Community Players last October was a significant highlight of 2016 for many of the participants, and easily qualifies as one of my personal Top Ten most fun experiences! Tremendous credit goes to the diverse group of volunteers who showed up for weeks, with minds & hearts full of the passion to perform in the various acting and support roles. An extra helping of credit goes to the directors, writers, and organizers for each production – sometimes they were the same person! It can often be a challenge to create these shows, and then to channel our different talents so they can come to life.

The creative and dedicated volunteers who made up the cast & crew of each production all shared in the same playful spirit, and connecting with them was a delight for any volunteer or show attendee. With the variety of talents brought to the table, and a solid team of directors to organize them, SSCP was able to deliver weekend after weekend of solid performances during 2016’s Spirit of Halloweentown celebration.

Preacher who presided over the Damned, 
and a Soul who lost to his way to liquor and is lost in time.

After contributing to numerous projects throughout the years, it becomes apparent that the satisfaction and joy from each show is largely determined by the players and personalities involved; more so than by the logistic details alone. SSCP nailed every aspect of their Spirit of Halloweentown productions last year, including being adaptable when unexpected plot twists arose on performance night! This focus on a culture of success is cultivated from the 30+ years of history behind the organization. St. Helens is very fortunate to have ShoeString Community Players based in their city.  To anyone with a curiosity for theatrics, or even a lifetime of experience in the performing arts, please take this contributor’s energetic encouragement to reach out and volunteer with this group. You won’t regret the choice! As highlighted by the overheard exchanged above, there are people who dream about having opportunities like these. They are here in St. Helens, on you doorstep. Opportunity is knocking. Will you step forward boldly, and be part of making another dream come true?

St. Helens Haunted Tours
Cast and Crew 2016

Voodoo Doughnuts for the guests who were celebrating downtown, whether they attended a show or not!


Children being bold and playing with the scary performers downtown. There is nothing to fear here. But watch out around the next corner…


In Search Of

Do you have a passion for musicals?
Is the Director inside of you craving to step out and take charge of a production?
Are you itching to take a musical chorus and give them direction, or to conduct an orchestra?

ShoeString Community Players is coordinating a summer musical, and is pooling talent from across the region. This is the chance you’ve been waiting for!

Individuals with a passion for performance, talent for stage craft, and who enjoy creating memorable experiences are invited to be a part of this summer production. Specific opportunities for Directors are available. If you have a talent and interest in directing a musical, a chorus, or an orchestra, and you are reading this right now, then you’ve come to the right place! ShoeString Community Players is seeking passionate members from the community who wish to invest their talent in this creative process. Could you be the next Director or contributor to this musical? Reach out and discover what waits for you behind this door!

With a history of success and a flow of enthusiasm from past participants, SSCP will continue to bring entertainment and community engagement through this summer musical.

“The Wizard of Oz” 2016
Mystery Hour Radio Theater: “The Shadow” 2016

If these opportunities are calling to you, or if your curiosity is leading you towards being a part of this production, then please be invited to submit your interest for consideration!

ShoeString Community Players

Join ShoeString Community Players

The ShoeString Community Players has been producing plays and other performances in Columbia County for over 30 years. Formed from a dedicated group of “Reader’s Theater” performers, SSCP was officially founded in 1982. The first production was Brigadoon, performed at the St. Helens High School Olmscheid Auditorium. SSCP has consistently produced productions and performances since that time, tapping into the rich and “undiscovered” talent Columbia County and its surrounding areas have to offer. We perform Revues, Musicals, Dramas, Comedies, Children’s Theater, and any other type of production that captures the attention of the community. In fact SSCP is recognized in the Cultural Inventory of St. Helens in the Columbia County Cultural Coalition Summary. ShoeString was also recently recognized by the National Endowment of the Arts for it participation in the “Big Read” with its performance of “The Persian” a Sam Spade radio play. We have been a long-standing, well-respected community group. SSCP is a fully non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, relying on volunteers for every aspect of our operation. Our mission is to support theater and arts through successful productions and participation of the community.

We hope you enjoy our show and programs.

ShoeString Community Players


Wizard of Oz


Bertucci's Logo 2014

2017 Columbia BLVD., St. Helens, OR 97051

Tickets are $12 Adults and $10 Student/Seniors,
online and credit sales 75¢ convenience fee. 

Saint Helens High School  Auditorium
2375 Gable Road, Saint Helens, OR 97051

For a fun night out the ShoeString Community Players present The Wizard of Oz By L. Frank Baum, With Music and Lyrics
by Harold Arlen and E. Y. Harburg, 
in cooperation with Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc

Dorothy Gale, a young girl who lives on a farm in Kansas with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, gets in the way while the adults try to work. She finds a quiet place where she won’t get into any trouble –Over The Rainbow. The girl is upset because their mean neighbor, Miss Gulch, presents her with a Sheriff’s summons for her cherished dog, Toto. Toto escapes from Miss Gultch’s bicycle basket and joins Dorothy as she runs away from the farm. They meet up with kind Professor Marvel, who convinces her to go back home. A cyclone hits the area, and Dorothy and Toto are locked out of the family’s storm cellar. They go into her room in the house, where Dorothy is accidently hit on the head. This begins their journey to the Land of Oz.

Buy your tickets in June for performances July 8, 9, 10 and 14, 15, 16 at Bertucci’s, 2017 Columbia Blvd., St. Helens, ONLINE at, and at the door.  Performance Date & Times: Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 7pm, and Sunday at 2pm.  Where: SAINT HELENS HIGH SCHOOL Auditorium, 2375 Gable Rd, St Helens, OR 97051.  Tickets are $12 Adults and $10 Student/Seniors, online and credit sales 75¢ convenience fee.  Donations are gladly accepted.  For more information please contact see website at, or503-366-4406.

Scappoose High School proudly presents “South Pacific” – this year’s Spring Musical

South Pacific

Performances are April 28 & 29 at 7pm and April 30 at 2pm & 7pm – in the SHS Auditorium. Tickets are $7 for regular admission and $5 for students and 55+ and are available for purchase at the door. All seating is general.

“South Pacific” first appeared on the Broadway stage in 1949 and has enjoyed both critical and box-office success ever since. Racial prejudice is candidly explored in this show – two parallel love stories are threatened by both racism and war. “South Pacific” is rated PG.

The cast includes some old faces (Clare Kessi as Nellie Forbush, Chloe Anderson as Bloody Mary, and Caitlyn Sparkman as Liat) and new faces (Josh Dickerson as Emile de Becque, Keenan Stevens as Lt. Cable, and Jorden Buckner as Luther Billis). Come enjoy a night on the Pacific Islands with us!