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Thank You Columbia County!

ShoeString Community Players would like to thank to all the people that stepped up to volunteer for the ‘Our County’s Talent Show’.  A huge thank you to all the new members that showcased their talent.   We will be having more talents shows in the future and everyone had fun!  Special thanks to Shannon Vaerewyck, Alyson Vaerewyck, Jeff Nelson, Crystal Nelson, Theron Nelson, Keston Nelson, Colleen Ohler, Gretchen Witt, Ben Tescareno, Kathleen Jenkins, Jimmy Gerdes, Vera (Ghost sighting verified), Mattea Misumi, Jon Scott Bradfield, Linda Paul, Anastasia Weber, Elija Holmes, Sean Aleman, Jakob Nelson, Elliot Vaerewyck, Stefani Weber and Bethany Coca.

Thank you to our sponsors: Emmert Motors, Dockside, Comcast, Columbia River PUD, Sunshine Pizza, Ace Hardware, Richardson’s Furniture,  St. Helens Physical Therapy, Advantage Screen Printing, Mark J. Lang Attorney at Law, Hudson Garbage Service, Gamepath Arcade,  Sunset Auto Parts, Rotary Club of Columbia County, SHEDCO, Fiber and Stiches, Bertucci’s Chocolates, St. Helens Computer Center, Market Fresh, Les Schwab, D.R. Garrison CPA PC, Bella Maison, Don’s Rental & The Party Peddler,  St. Helens Liquor Store, Columbia Funeral Home & Memorial Gardens, South County Chamber of Commerce, Tactical Ordnance & Ammunition, Oregon Trail Lanes,  Semlings Construction Inc, Bobbie’s Cut +, Kozy Korner, St. Helens Credit Union, Vonnie’s Dog House, 2Cs Vender Mall,  Pacific Athletic Club, and Nob Hill Riverview Bed and Breakfast.  We have a great community because of you.

I want to reach out to our community’s past SSCP directors and volunteers.  Please reach out to me personally at to discuss ideas for future productions and make them happen.  We have a community that would love to see you again on the stage and behind the scenes.  I am always asked “what ever happened to so and so?” at all the shows with out you.  Sadly we have lost several members to cancer and old age.  We are also moving our annual membership meeting to September to help accommodate our brand new members , watch for details and  please attend.  We will be modernizing our constitution to bring it into the twentieth century for notification and messaging.  There will also be new membership perks.  We also have board positions open to be filled for the new election.

In the upcoming months you are going to see ShoeString Community Players putting effort into finding a permanent home/building for smaller shows and dinner theater.  We need your support and help.  If you have spare time we need to form a committee to move this forward and finally make it happen.  We need this to better support our community and our volunteers that give up so much of their time to entertain the community.

Lastly we are looking for members to join us for the October Events Committee and a large number of volunteers for when the City of St. Helens does the “Spirit of Halloweentown” celebration in October.   We have some really cool things planned and need you help to pull them off.

Brian Vaerewyck
ShoeString Community Players


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SSCP Annual Membership Meeting Aug 12 @ 7pm

Are you currently a member of ShoeString Community Players or  are you interested in learning more about how to become a member? Has your membership expired and you need to renew it?

Join us at the Annual Membership Meeting to get all your questions answered, renew your membership or sign up to be a new member.  The meeting will be at 7pm on Sunday 08/12/2018  at Sunshine Pizza.  Sunshine Pizza is located at 2124 Columbia Blvd. in St. Helens.

Annual Meeting


Scarecrows! Tales in the Dark

Please check out ShoeString Community Players present  our Haunted Tours in McCormick Park, “Scarecrows! Tales in the Dark” the ultimate outdoor creepy haunted scare experience & tales to be told on October 27 & 28, First tour at 7pm to  and last tour at 10pm.  Tours ever 30 minutes.   Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled tour.

They told us to, “beware of the scarecrows!”   This October, ShoeString Community Players will be presenting our 2nd annual scary haunted walk thru the forest experience, “Scarecrows! Tales in the Dark…”  Be a part of the deep and dark mystery of why St. Helens has scarecrows put out every October.  We will immerse you in the story that you come apart of the tour.  Children maybe very uneasy with this performance so guardians please use your best judgment.  Scarecrows can be scary.  Perfect for date night.  Plan for wet conditions, but the weather outlook is pretty good so far, knock on wood, if you are superstitious.  Keep up with your tour guide, or you just might become what you fear in this dark forest with a few special effects thrown in.

Check out this page for ticket sales, show status, updates.  Expect the unexpected. Remember to get show tickets early as they tend to sell out.  Have a safe and happy October and Halloween.

Online Sales

Announcing the Official Sponsors for the ShoeString Community Players October Events

We are all so grateful to the support from our volunteers and community business, they are the true heroes.   Please help us thank; Comcast, Dockside Steak & Pasta, Emmert Motors, Ace Hardware, Richardson’s Furniture, State Farm – Kevin Iverson, SunShine Pizza, Advantage Printing, Bertucci’s Chocolates, Columbia Funeral Home Inc, Gamepath Arcade, CRPUD, D.R. Garrison, CPA, PC, Don’s Rental, Fibers & Stitches, Heller Enterprises, Hudson Garbage, Les Schwab Tire, Oregon Trail Lanes, SCI – Semling Construction Inc, St. Helens Computer Center,  St Helens Liquor Store, St. Helens Market Fresh, St. Helens Physical Therapy, Sunset Auto Parts, St. Helens Rotary, Bobbie’s Cuts+, Nob Hill Inn, Pacific Athletic Club, St. Helens Credit Union, Vonnie’s Dog House, 2Cs, and to all the residents that have allowed us to share our town with the rest of the community.  Interested in being a sponsor?

The ShoeString Community Players has been producing plays and other performances in Columbia County for over 30 years. Formed from a dedicated group of “Reader’s Theater” performers, SSCP was officially founded in 1982.  The first production was Brigadoon, performed at the St.  Helens High School Olmscheid Auditorium.  SSCP has consistently produced productions and performances since that time, tapping into the rich and “undiscovered” talent Columbia County and its surrounding areas have to offer.  We perform Revues, Musicals, Dramas, Comedies, Children’s Theater, and any other type of production that captures the attention of the community.  In fact SSCP is recognized in the Cultural Inventory of St. Helens in the Columbia County Cultural Coalition Summary.  ShoeString was also recently recognized by the National Endowment of the Arts for it participation in the “Big Read” with its performance of “The Persian” a Sam Spade radio play.  We have been a long-standing, well-respected community group.  SSCP is a fully non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, relying on volunteers for every aspect of our operation.  Our mission is to support theater and arts through successful productions and participation of the community.